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Hello friend

Myself vishal from delhi, 31 years of age, medium built, fair complexion, height 5.11, working in an advertising agency, yeah story mere aur meri friend pooja k baare mein hae hum college time sae friends thae but college k 1-2 saal baad sub friends ka contact khatam ho gaya tha almost 2006 k around. At time of college we shared a very nice friend ship pooja eak normal looks wali ladki the, very jolly but reserved kind of nature, i dont think us time uska kisi ladke k saath afair kua bhi tha, but uski looks mein 1 cheez the jo ladkon ko uski toward attract karti the n that is her big n perfectly round brest esa lagta tha jese silicon bhrvaya k perfect karae hoon, but still hasi mazak k alava v never shared anything As after college sab dhere dhere change hota gaya n sab friends apni apni life mein kho gae.

It was 25th of dec 2012 me n my wife went to pacific mall in subhash nagar we hum khoob enjoy kar rahe thae at gaming place n after that we went have food to hum food court chale gae, i was on cash counter to refil my card, tou gal stand in next que started looking at me i also tried to recall then suddenly she asked r u vishal i said yes, she said kamine pehchana nahi pooja, iwas surprised to meet a friend after so long, we shared some talks of our old time and also asked about each others life she told me that she got married in 2007 n have one daughter in told her that i got married in dec 2011 so far no kid so she told me that m her with daughter i asked about her husband she said he is an it professional so right now he is usa since last 6 month i asked her to join us about that she agreed and we also shared our mobile nums. I introduced her with my wife we enjoyed n also shared lots of funny memories of our college time.

Next day i got message on whatsapp from pooja we started chatting everyday, it been almost 3 months and we been v good buddies again

Here begings the story

One night i was alone in my room as my wife was out for official picnic for 3 days, so for timepass i messaged pooja around 11:30 as it was friday so it was no problem to wake late night and she replied tu itni late message kese kar ra hae tera sher khan(my wife) kahan hae i said she is out for office picnic trip of 4 days she said ok and i she called up i picked n felt like she is drun, i said o motey tuney p rakhi hae she said haan yaar thoda sa vodka

Me: yeah adaat kab sae lag gae

Pooja: pati sae but uske bad usne idhar udhar ki baat start kar de after some time

Pooja: 1 baat poochon sach sach bolna howz ur married life,

Me: hasa aur bola theek hae,

Pooja: matlab good nae hae,

Me: theek, n how about yours

Pooja: pehle acchi the but ab beekar since my husband went to usa for first time 2 years back

She told me all about her n her husband relations uski baaton sae laga k wo kuch aur poochna chati hae

Then kuch time baad she asked teri biwi k koi bf tou nahi hae,

Tab tak hum kuch jada he baat kar chuke thae tou so i said m not v sure about so no discussion about this, and after that she asked tere

Hae koi i said yes tu hae na

Pooja: bakwas na kar saach bata

Me: abhi tak tou nahi aagey ka pata nahi

Then she said mere patti ki tou hae in usa mein n she started crying, and told me whole story n said sala hum dono he pagal hain

Pooja: kya tu mere ghar aa sakta hae abhi, i said pagal ho gae hae kya(in funny mood) i said mujhe itni raat ko apne ghar bula rahe, kahin kuch

Ho gaya tou rote rahegi,kya karega meri maar lega(to my surprise).

Me: kuch jada he bhadak rahi hae, she said 6 month sae bhadak rahi hoon pyaas bhujne k confidence tere sath aya hae, i said chal subha baat

Karte hain but she said, mene teri shorts mein haath daal diya, tou thoda mein bhi hot ho gaya n we did ph sex

Pooja: yaar tu kal ghar aja, noni morning mein dadi k house ja rahi mein bhi raat ko chal jaungi so sunday eve i will b back and mein ghar mein

Akeli ho from morning 11 to 7, if you an extra shift on saturday then u can come, and you will be paid by my nude body

Me: ok, mujhe kuch time need nahi aae aur next day k baare mein soochta raha, fir so gaya

Next morning i wake up n get ready n told mom kuch kam hae n going out, n uske appt k bahar pooch k usko call kiya

Pooja: aja jaane mann kyon tadpa raha hae, she told a different appt number to do entry in log book

I taken lift n reach on the floor she quickly opened the door n pulled me in

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