drink and fuck with aunty

Hi guys, hope you all doing fine. This is Abhi, and this time I am coming with an incident happened to me last year. I hope you all will enjoy and like my experience which I am going to share with you all. The incident happened to me with one of my Aunt and her name was Ekta.

She was around 33-35 years old, and was married to my uncle who was quite aged than my Aunt. At least there was 15-18 years gap between them. So coming back to the incident I used to live in Bangalore alone as I was working there. I was around 25 years old when the incident happened. So one day I receive a call from my family is my uncle and aunt was coming down to Bangalore for few days due to some health problem to my uncle.

They wanted to check my uncle with some renowned doctors. They were supposed to stay with me, I was having a 2BHK. So one that day I went to the airport and picked them up and took to my place. My uncle was visible not well and I asked him what happened. My aunt explained that he has having some pain in lower abdomen for some time and so they wanted to check it up.

I saw my aunt Ekta after quite some time may be after good 2-3years. She was still looking very young but I never had any bad intention towards her and when I was at my home town, she was quite friendly with me, as I was the youngest in the family and was the nearest to her age group. So then we had dinner and I showed them the other room.

I cleaned the room before they came and tried to put any alcohol bottle out of their sight as I was staying alone, a lot of times my friends used to come at my place and have party. There plan was that they will visit the hospital in the morning. As I was having my office so I was not accompanying them to the hospital. In the morning I told them the way to reach the place and put my cell number into Ekta aunt’s mobile and asked them to give me a call anytime if required.

Then I left for the office and they also left for the hospital at around 3 in the afternoon I received a call from Ekta, she asked me to come down to the hospital. I left the office that time only and went to the hospital after 30 mins of so I reached there. I saw my aunt seating in the reception area. I went to her and she said that the doctors want to admit uncle for some tests they want to perform during a course of 48 hrs and after that only they can come to some conclusion.

I said to her not to worry and went to the doctor to have a chat. Then I understood that the test required the patient to be under observation for that amount of time. I came out and explained both of them. Then I said its ok and nothing to worry. Then my uncle said to my aunt to leave with me and he will stay there for 2 nights. She also agreed and after some formalities we shifted uncle to a separate room and then we left from there.

It was around 8 in the evening and it was raining quite heavy. I had a bike that time, we waited for some time to let the rain subside. In the meantime I was having some talks to her about normal things. Then after waiting for some time the rain just became lighter but still it was raining. I told her we should leave as it will not completely stop. She agreed and we started in our bike. The rain was still good enough to make us wet.

The road was also quite slippery and I was driving very carefully. Then all of a sudden there was a pot hole came and I applied the brake. When I did that she just came close to me and her breast pressed against my back. It was absolutely accidental but when her lovely swollen breast touched my back I kind of enjoyed that time. Then she again went back to her normal position. I enjoyed her breast touching my breast so much that once I applied the brakes intentional and again breast touched my back.

Oh it was so nice feeling. Then my house came. We were almost wet now. She was wearing a saree that time and it was totally stuck to her figure now. Her each and every curve of the body was clearly visible from her wet clothes. I was looking at her from my corner of my eyes so that she will not catch me in that. She was now walking ahead of me and her ass was coming out so nicely from her wet saree. Her circumference of her ass was so round and her ass was protruding her saree.

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