i fucked my saali by giving her sleeping pills part i

I Fucked My Saali by Giving Her Sleeping Pills (Part I)

Hi! I am mic from Jaipur. I am 30 year old, 5’-5”. Married with very beautiful girl for ten years I am going to tell u a story that how I fucked my sis-in-law (meri Saali) by giving her sleeping pills between the period of her ring ceremony and marriage.

First let me tell u about my Saali. Her name is sharry (name changed) she is five yrs younger then me is about 25 yrs. She is short about 5’-1 ½” fair color, boobs 34, with vary attractive figure.

Now let us come to main story. My in-laws lived in Delhi and I also lived in Delhi at that time It started just after my marriage when. I was 20 and she was 15 her boobs were under development at that time. As the time passed and she started growing I noticed drastic changes in her figure her tits can now called boobs were about 30. When ever I go to my in laws I don’t miss any chance to stare on her. She use to wear thin night suits or Bermuda sandos or sleeve less zippers and Capri as u know the climate in delhi is vary hot in summers. She is very particular in maintaining her skin. She waxes her arms and legs on time. Get cleared her arm pits

One day after my marriage my parents ware out of town leaving me and my wife alone. We were invited by my in-laws for dinner as it was Saturday. After having dinner we were about to leave for our home my wife invited my saali and her brother to our house for sleep over as next day it was Sunday so my in-laws can come and have dinner and pick them up.

As we reached home we have a four bed room apartment three bedrooms are in same line we given them room next to ours. I know that my wife and her brother are heavy sleepers but I don’t know the sleeping habits of my saali. We all changed to get to bed she wore night dress a button down shirt and pajama. After some chatting we all go to bed it was about 1 am. I put my mobile on vibration mode and set an alarm of 3 am and placed it just beside my pillow as next day it was Sunday so I can sleep whole day.

At 3 am my phone vibrated I got up and first I checked my wife as every night she was in deep sleep. I slowly opened my bedroom door came out and silently closed the door. Then I slowly approached the door of the room were my saali was sleeping. Slowly I opened the door the thin ray of light came out I was surprised that they are still awake. But at this stage I can say any thing. So I pushed the door open but they were sleeping soundly with 100 watt bulb on. It was good for my view but if she wakes up I can not hide but after seeing her sleeping just couple of steps away I forgot every thing.

I entered the room and gone strait to her side she was sleeping on her back under covers. I looked at her beautiful and innocent face. Then I removed her covers as it was summer the A/c was on so I switched off the fan so she doesn’t wake up feeling cold. Then I came back to her seated on the floor near her I placed my shivering hand on her stomach over her shirt thinking what will happen if she wakes up. But she didn’t move at all. Then I opened first button of her shirt from the bottom then the second the elastic of her pajama came in view. Then I opened the third button and now I can see her bare stomach and a cute naval. I placed my hand on her bare stomach and fingered her naval. Then I opened the forth button. Now I can see her full bare stomach and the lower rim of her black bra that she was wearing. Then I undid remaining two buttons of her shirt. Now her bare stomach boobs covered in black bra are fully exposed.

Then I cupped her left boob over her bra she didn’t move at all then I started massaging her boob. Then I did the same with her right boob. Then I tried to lift the lower rim of her bra but it was tight then entered my one finger from the upper side of the bra cup here I my finger made the first contact with her nipple. Then I tried the same with other nipple. But I still have to find a way to see her bare boobs and nipple.

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