i fucked my saali by giving her sleeping pills part ii

Hi! Welcome back. I am mic from Jaipur. I am 30 year old, 5’-5”. Married with very beautiful girl for ten years I am going to tell u a story that how I fucked my sis-in-law (meri Saali) by giving her sleeping pills between the period of her ring ceremony and marriage.

First let me tell u about my Saali. Her name is sharry (name changed) she is five yrs younger then me is about 25 yrs. She is short about 5’-1 ½” fair color, boobs 34, with vary attractive figure.

After the first encounter when ever I saw her it is getting difficult to control but I have to manage. Once I was staying in my in-laws house because markets were closed in protest against VAT for four days so I went with my wife to stay there. My in-laws have vary old house constructed about 30 yrs ago so wooden door plies are weaken and doors are loose. I was given a room at first floor there are two rooms on that floor both rooms have one common bathroom. They only open the main bedroom door and use bathroom to go to other room. The second room was used by my saali. Next day of our arrival it was teacher’s day so she had to wear sari because she is going to act as a teacher today. But she don’t know how to wear sari so she asked my wife because my saali had to get ready early in the morning so they planed that after taking bath my saali will call my wife to help her with her sari.

I was waiting for morning so that I can try seeing some scene. At morning my saali came to our room to wake up my wife I was also awake but pretended to be in deep sleep. Then both of them move to other room and I was waiting. Then I hear the door between the other room and bathroom was closed. I got up and moved to bathroom the door had only one latch at the top end and as I told u those old wooden doors are loose and weak they can be pushed from below to create a gap between door and door frame so that u can have some view of the room. I looked through the gap I saw my saali standing in front of the gap.

She is still in her night dress. I was waiting then she started to unbutton her shirt. She removed her shirt she was wearing black bra. Then she started wearing blouse. After wearing blouse she removed her pajama she was wearing black panty. I had seen my saali’s full waxed and milky legs for the first time. Then she wore petticoat and proceeded to wear sari.

At afternoon when she returned first time I looked her I sari she was looking dam sexy. Then she changed in sleeve less zipper and denim shorts. We had lunch together after lunch my F-I-L, M-I-L and B-I-L gone out to see some relative and buy some snacks for dinner. After they left my wife and my saali gone to take a nap and I sat on pc to surf the net. After some time I got up to get coke from kitchen. But before going to kitchen I gone to check the girls that they are sleeping or not or they also want to have some coke. When I entered the room the light was on but the girls were sleeping and snoring I know that they were tiered because they got early in the morning.

I went near my saali she was sleeping soundly. I removed her covers and had a look on her sexy waxed and milky legs. Then I touched her legs to feel the smoothness of her legs. When she didn’t move at all I tried something more. I slowly moved upwards and slowly unzipped her zipper and exposed her boobs in black bra and milky stomach and cute naval. Then I entered my two fingers from the top of her bra cups and played nipples one by one and both nipples got erected. Then I unbuttoned her shorts and opened the zip. I know that the denim short she was wearing was tight fit so I can’t remove it. So I inserted my hand in her shorts and started rubbing her pussy over her panty. Then I lifted elastic of her panty and inserted my hand in it to feel her pussy but I was surprised that it is full of bunch of hairs. I was thinking that there is not a single hair on her body then why she doesn’t shave her pussy. I was enjoying the heat of her pussy. Suddenly I heard sound of horn so I dressed her again covered her and left the room.

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