i fucked my saali by giving her sleeping pills part iii

Hi! Welcome back. I am mic from Jaipur. I am 30 year old, 5’-5”. Married with very beautiful girl for ten years I am going to tell u a story that how I fucked my sis-in-law (meri Saali) by giving her sleeping pills between the period of her ring ceremony and marriage.

First let me tell u about my Saali. Her name is sharry (name changed) she is five yrs younger then me is about 25 yrs. She is short about 5’-1 ½” fair color, boobs 34, with vary attractive figure.

One day when my parents were out of town I was in office and my wife was alone at home so my saali came to spend a day. It was Saturday and my father in law was coming in evening to pick her up. But he got late in market so we decided that my saali will stay here tonight and next day we will drop her to her home.

That night I made a plan my mother was prescribed sleeping pill. I got some of them from our medicine cabinet. I take some of them and powdered them I took vary small quantity because I am using it for the first time so I don’t know it may cause any side effect. The powdered pills are in my pocket but I am not getting chance to mix them with meals because my maid was all the time in the kitchen. At last we had our dinner. After dinner my wife asked the maid to prepare cold coffee. Now I got another chance but cold coffee is my favorite drink how can I be able to refuse to drink.

But as the luck is in my favor my wife and saali said that they will have coffee later. So after giving coffee to me, my maid kept the rest in refrigerator gone to bed. We all are chatting after some time I moved to my room to freshen up while going to my room I opened refrigerator and mixed the powdered pills in coffee. After freshen up while going to other room I asked my wife if they want to drink coffee now they said yes.

I took out coffee poured it in two coffee mugs and served to both of them. While chatting they sipped the coffee. I noticed that my saali is wearing night suit of my wife which of loose for her because she had bought any dress with her because she was supposed to go back home. After they finished I pretended to feeling sleepy and moved to my room. My wife was to sleep with my saali.

At about 2 am I got up and proceeded to other room. I opened the door peeped inside the light of switched off but TV was still on. Both of them were in deep sleep and snoring. I had torch with me. Then I walked strait to my saali she was sleeping on her back and still wearing her specs that means she passed out while watching TV.

I removed her covers and switch on torch and looked her from head to toes. Last time I was unable to see her pussy so I decided to go for it first. First I removed her specs and kissed on her cheeks and give her a big smooch. Then I lifted her shirt a little hold the elastic of her pajama it was loose because it is big in size. So I started down n down n down till I completely removed it. I saw her waxed and milky legs and thighs. I started feeling smoothness of her waxed and milky legs and thighs with my hands. She was wearing black panty. Then I hooked my fingers both side of panty and pulled it down. Her hairy pussy exposed. Then I inserted my finger in her pussy. She was very hot then I kept fingering her for some time. Then I started liking her milky legs and thighs. At that time I noticed that she in gaining conciseness so I stopped dressed her up give her a big smooch.

Then I lowered my pajama and got my hard cock out I took her hand and start masturbating with her hand till I was about to cum. Then I got to my bed finished my masturbation gone to sleep. Continued in Final Part. Kahani padhne ke baad apne vichar niche comments me jarur likhe, taaki hum apke liye roz aur behtar kamuk kahaniyan pesh kar sake – DK

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