my hottest cousin sister

Hey guys its Rj again.. this time its a story of how i laid my cousin sister…well to tell bout her.. she’s 19 years old.. fit 34 – 24 -32 size.. she looks really cute.. fair with nice long dark black hair… her name is mansi… she lived in Hyderabad most her life.. once she had an exam in my city .. some entrance exam.. my aunt called my mom to ask if she can stay over our place my mom agreed and told her that i will look after her.. as my parents were going out of station and i had to go early in the morn to pick her up from the station.. i left in our car to the station i was waiting outside.. i got a call from her.. i told her were i was and she came.. man was she looking all grown up.. she was in a white top and jeans..i opened the hatch back to keep her luggage .. her suitcase was heavy.. but not for me..

i was lifting it and she wanted to help.. and by accident my hand touched her young breasts.. wow.. it was pretty soft… i then closed the hatch and opened the door for her and sat.. its pretty hot cz it was summer.. we were both sweating little… the windows were open.. we were talking talking.. her shirt was pretty loose.. she was looking outside when i noticed her navel.. oh.. so deep just the way i love it.. she suddenly turned and saw me staring and saw that her navel was shown… she just smiled at me and looked outside.. we reached home.. her exam was 2 days later.. and she was well prepared for it.. my cuz got ready and had breakfast.. she came to me and told ” lets go for a movie na.. i am bored” i said “you have exam .. shouldn’t you be studying??” “i have studied well for the exam from past 6 months.. i wanna see a movie..”… me ” okay your wish… lets go.. you get ready”.. she was in a army style short and a short tight shirt.. she said”i am ready, why r u telling to change? don i look good like this??” i said “no no nothing like that.. okay lets go”.. we went to a mall.. and she chose a horror movie…the hall was pretty empty.. we went and sat in the middle.. the movie was okay.. but she was pretty scared.. she kept holding my hand and pulling me close… after the movie we came home and she started studying..after having dinner she changed into a thin nighty.. it ended just above her knee and showed decent amount of cleavage.. she came to my room and asked for some help.. i helped her clear her doubts.. it was 12 mid night.. i was seeing her she was lying on the bed on her tummy.. her nighty had ridden up her thighs.. her legs looked so smooth and milky..

I wanted to lick and bite them..then she got up and told lets watch a movie.. i switched off the tubelights and got on my pc.. she chose a horror movie again… but this one was a English adult rated movie there were some sex scenes and it was scary too..we played the movie and usual she was very scared.. she kept hugging me… there was the climax scene.. were the couple had escaped the ghost.. and they started smooching and got half nude.. seeing that my dick was saluting… my cousin was just staring at the screen.. then the movie got over.. she asked me “why dint you tell me it was a dirty movie ??” i said “it wasn’t a dirty movie.. it was an uncensored one.. they show a lot more in dirty movies… haven’t you ever seen one” she said “no, i want to .. but i never could”.. i was fully bold now.. and wanted to take my chances.. i said “you want to watch i have some.. we can watch.. i played a movie and went back on to my bed..”.. she came.. but kept a little distance.. she kept watching the movie.. and i was staring at her.. she started breathing heavy.. i was enjoying her boob’s raising and falling.. she was enjoying the sex in the movie.. i decided to make my move.. i put my arms around her shoulder and pulled her close.. she was shacking… i slowly put my hand on her waist and squeezed her.. she closed her eyes and opened her mouth.. i pulled her up and kept my lips on her and started kissing her slowly.. and then gently parted her lips and started sucking her lips and then slowly put my tongue inside her mouth..first time she reacted .. she just latched on to my tongue and started sucking it wildly… it was all that i needed to proceed..i quickly pulled her .. now she was smooching me and sitting on top of me..

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